Pulp Magazine Cover Art

Pulp magazines are a product of yesteryear. Their garish colorful cover art and intense action stories would leave readers spellbound for hours. This was before an age of internet and easily accessible porn and news. Pulp magzines have some of the best artwork of any age!


This was a time of great fast paced mystery, imaginative science fiction, old westerns, adventure, fantasy, and also some hack writing. Classic authors like D. Hammett and Raymond Chandler got their starts in the early pulps.


Great Scienc fiction authors like Robert A. Heinlein, Clifford Simak,  and P.K. Dick also started in the pulps.

Pulps magazines like Weird Tales started th careers of H.P. Lovecraft and Robert E. Howard and his Conan stories.

Astounding Science Fiction lead the way when John W. Campbell, Jr. took over as editor in 1938 and made science fiction writing serious taking away the space opera main format of the earlier sci fi pulps.The Golden Age of Science fiction began in July 1939 issue of Astounding SF featuring A.E. Van Vogt’s first story “The Black Destroyer”.

Robert Heinlein would publish many of his most famous stories in ASF!

Amazing Stories, started by Hugo Gernsback in 1926 lead the way for science fiction. The early covers were done by R. Frank Paul, who did wonderful illustrations of future thinking and weird monster aliens.


Thrilling Wonder Stories began as this title in 1936. It featured many famous writes like Arthur C. Clarke, Jack Williamson, Ray Cummings, and Jahn Taine. The cover art was fantastic, colorful, and stood out!

Startling Stories was another pulp, started in 1939. It had awesome cover art as well featuring garish and outstanding cover art by talented artists.

Many pulps are highly collected taoday with certain issues commanding thousands of dollars. Edgar Rice Burrough’s first stories were published in pulps and the first appearance of Tarzan in a pulp is very valuable. Planet Stories had works by Ray Bradbury and Leigh Brackett and had excellent fast paced space opera stories and cool cover art!

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Occult Tarot Card Themed Cigarette Cases and Pill Cases by Sweetheartsinner

Tarot cards have long been used by Occultist to help and give guidance for people. Tarot cards have been around since medieval times. Tarot card decks feature pagan symbols and charactors that represent diffrent aspects of subject matter from Death to Love to Magic. All cards mean something but not necessarily exactly what the card says. For example, the “death” tarot card does not mean you will die soon if drawn. Instead, it may mean that a “death” will occur and a transformation will come.

tarort card Magician pill case.jpgDeath Tarot Card Cigarette case DONE.jpg

Tart card imagery is interesting and a good conversation starter as applied to cases with theese designs on them. So much of conversation depends on visual symbols and Sweetheartsinner Tarot card designs are perfect for every day uses as well as conversation starters. They may excellent gifts that are useful and interesting. Tarpt card imagery like “The Lovers” also can be cool for other reasons!


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Halloween is just around the corner!

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Poetry About Sweetheartsinner!

MORE CUSTOMER APPRECIATION photos for Sweetheartsinner Creations and some poetry to go long with them!


Captain Kitty was a sailing cat. He loved to sail with a Captain;s hat! He is brave and kind and runs a tight ship!A pill case featuring him is super hip!


Zombie Girl business card holders are awesome insane! Featuring a pinup zombie girl on a giant brain! It can hold you business cards, money, and so much more! And will help you fight the coming zombie hoards!

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Sweetheartsinner Customer Appreciation Photos from Etsy!

We love our etsy customers! There is something about etsy customers that is special. Their willingness to invest in handmade goods and shop local make etsy our favorite venue! One of the great things about etsy is that when customers leave feedback, they can include a “customer appreciation” photo of them with the product you sold them! With over 44,000 sales and over 17,000 positive feedback, we are very proud of our store and thankful for our awesome customers! The following are some of these great customer appreciation photos showing awesome pillcases!!

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